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Joseph Binder Symposium 2012





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Illustration between the Worlds of Art and Commerce...

This year marks our second annual J. B. Symposium. While the 2011 event focused on taking stock of the field of illustration, this year’s event will focus on illustration and it’s role in the realms of art and commerce. With this theme we ask ourselves... Are we simply craftspeople who produce commodities exclusively to sell products and visualize copy - or should we consider ourselves unique artists who produce autonomous, independant works? What constitutes aesthetic value in commissioned illustration work? What role does the client play in defining the value of an illustrator’s work?

These age-old questions are sure to solicit a wide range of perspectives.

One of the goals of this symposium is to build bridges within the community of illustrators. This year's event aims to appeal not only to those working in advertising and media, but will also extend to those in the fields of children's book illustration, animation, and game design. All attendees are invited to share their experiences and discuss their views with their fellow creatives.

Through a series of short lectures and open forums it is hoped that we may be better able to define common values within the community of illustrators.

The tenuous relationship between commercial art and fine art is best exemplified in the work of Joseph Binder...

The Austrian-born designer, illustrator, and artist was a pioneer of commercial illustration and graphic design in the 1920s. Later in his career he ventured into fine art, effectively blurring the lines between his formal discipline and his personal expression. As a illustrator and fine artist, his life’s work perfectly underscores the theme of this year's symposium.


The Joseph Binder Award has been presented by designaustria since 1996



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